Welcome to Golden Egg Games!

Our main goal is to create board games containing innovative mechanics that are strategically challenging with an cool fun factor. Our games also feature the best artistic design, high production value and competitive prices.


Edge of Humanity - Coming soon - GenCon 2017

Edge of Humanity is a story-driven survival card game set in a post apocalyptic near-future. 2-5 players manage groups of survivors trying to make it in what’s left of the world. Coming soon – Oct 2017

Anduine - First City in the West

Anduine is a cooperative game set in a Fantasy realm for 1-5 players, and will see a worldwide release in October 2017. Taking pre-orders now!

Airlines - The Golden Age of Aviation

Our latest game will finally start fulfillment in April, 2017. Through all the production headaches and delays, we truly believe this game will exceed players expectations.