Fallen City of Karez

Then Fantasy Boardgame

The city of Karez was once the crowned jewel in the vast kingdom of King Tyrial, but as he lost grasp on his kingdom, the city fell to ruins at the hands of the dark forces surrounding it.
Now the king has died, and his heir, King Tyrial II, has decided to dispatch his finest lords to raise the fallen city and stand ground against all its enemies, within and outside the city walls.
Each player will take the role of a lord of one of the guilds who seek to tighten their grasp on the rising city.
The game is designed for 2-5 players, and takes about 120 minutes to play.

Good Vs. Evil ,or is it?!


The city of Karez attracts many newcomers, some are simple citizens performing their day-to-day tasks, and some are adventurers seeking only riches and fame. Karez is surrounded by many unexplored adventures; these dangerous places are filled with traps, blood seeking beasts, undead creatures, creepy humanoid races and legendary monsters. Luckily, the guild houses manage to bring with them a new breed of adventurers - the Heroes of Karez: a powerful Mage, a tough Knight and a cunning Rogue are just few of those fearsome warriors that will keep the streets of Karez peaceful and safe.

Monsters may also serve a productive role for some guild house masters. As always, you will need a balance of villains and heroes in order to promote your goals and your city.

The Puppet Masters


Every guild house has its own ambitions, some will try to oppose any threat with their brave party of Heroes and some will try to keep their own private dungeon filled with hideous monsters just to attract innocent adventurers to their doom (while leaving their fortunes behind...).

Some guild house will issue special Quests, these will require your attention as they can give lucrative rewards upon completion.


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