1-5 Players

60 min.

12+ Years


In Anduine – First City of the West, a cooperative fantasy board game for 1-5 players, you become a member of the Elvish Elder council.
Together, you will build a new city, master challenging Events and defend your fledgling home from vicious Goblin Raids – all while the Warlock lies in wait, plotting to defeat you and destroy the city of Anduine once and for all.


A game takes place over several rounds (described in the chosen scenario).

Anduine is a cooperative game. You and your fellow Lords need to defeat the great evil together.


At the start of every game – you will choose a scenario. Each scenario will introduce a storyline and a set of goals, most of which will be focused on defeating an Enemy or a series of Encounters.


The first Scenario – The Menacing Chieftain – has 5 rounds and should take about 40 minutes to play.


In each round, players will follow these 5 phases

  1. Event Phase – Refer to the first page and read the goals for this round. Add the depicted number of Goblins to the Location boards.
  2. Council Meeting – All Lords will discuss and select which action they should perform in the upcoming round. The Council Token player will perform all Elves actions.
  3. Action phase – Players will perform their set of actions and resolve the outcome of each.
  4. Battle Phase – a Unique phase that will only take place in certain rounds of play. This is an ultimate battle against a terrifying enemy.
  5. Resolution and Cleanup – The current Event will be resolved (either a win or a loss).  All Elvish miniatures will return to their starting positions and the new round will begin.


  •    Rulebook
  •    Modular Game board
  •    21 Campaign cards (divided to 3 scenarios)
  •    15 Artifact cards
  •    Anduine Development Board
  •    Construction Board
  •    Treasury Board
  •    11 Eldar Miniatures
  •    10 Huntress Miniatures
  •    12 Goblin Miniatures
  •    33 Miniature trays
  •    1 D6
  •    1 D20
  •    5 Lords Character Sheets (player boards)
  •    14 Adventure Tiles
  •    14 Building wooden tokens
  •    4 Track indicators
  •    12 Wound tokens
  •    1 Doom token (Game end)
  •    Council Token (Start Player)
  •    Compass Token (last placed goblin)


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