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2-4 Players

60-90 min.

13+ Years


In the vast world of Materia, two factions are fighting to seize power over the people who wish to live peacefully in their cities. The Pirate Syndicate is a business-driven corporation that vies to gain as much power by exploiting the “honest” merchants. Their Queen Pirate loves to use the fastest vessel in all of Materia, The Dreadnought, to dominate the sea of clouds. The Great British Empire is a monarchical regime that controls most of the known city-islands. The King’s Hand, the Governor of the Seven Seas, is the most dominant figure and he loves to enforce his laws by striking contraband dealing pirates with his fearsome Flying Fortress.

In Steam Pirates, each player builds their own trading network of piracy by dealing in four types of goods: coal, rum, firearms, and automatons. Your goal is to capitalize the “open” market by selling your goods while maneuvering your frigate to explore new markets and discover new resourceful allies.


Steam Pirates is played over 3 seasons, each season will
consist of a number of rounds equal to the number
of players (so for a 4-player game you will play 12
rounds in total; 4 in each of the 3 seasons of play).
By the end of the final round, the pirate with the
most points wins the game.
Each pirate can score points in various ways:
Bribing Officials, finding Treasure Maps, Goal card
achievements, Aiding the Faction’s Event goals and
the most obvious way – by getting rich!

Round Summery
Each round of play has 2 phases:
1. Action phase:
A. Sail (optional).
B. Pick a die and Perform an Action.
2. Refresh phase:
A. New 1st Player.
B. Roll for Fortune.
C. Notoriety check.
D. Advance Flagships.
E. End of Season: Reset Event card and Flagships.


  • 1 Rulebook.
  • 1 Game board (Map of Materia).
  • 4 Pirate’s board.
  • 1 Notorious Bag.
  • 6 Ships (4 player’s frigate, The dreadnought and the Flying Fortress)
  • 40 Anchor tokens (10 of each player’s color).
  • 16 Connected Island markers ( 4 of each player’s color).
  • 16 Trading markers (4 of each player’s color).
  • 8 Gold markers (2 of each player’s color).
  • 32 Trade Houses (8 of each player’s color).
  • 16 Treasure map tokens (4 of each player’s color).
  • 45 Notorious tokens (10 cubes of each player’s color & 5 Yellow Pirate cubes).
  • 10 Character cards.
  • 9 Goal cards.
  • 9 Event cards.
  • 1 Round marker.
  • 7 Action Dice.
  • 1 Wind Die.
  • 2 Destination markers (1 for the Pirate’s Syndicate and 1 for the British Empire).
  • 1 Wind Direction token.


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