Steam Pirates

In the vast world of Materia, two factions are fighting to seize power over the people who wish to live peacefully in their cities. The Pirate Syndicate is a business-driven corporation that vies to gain as much power by exploiting the “honest” merchants. Their Queen Pirate loves to use the fastest vessel in all of Materia, The Dreadnought, to dominate the sea of clouds. The Great British Empire is a monarchical regime that controls most of the known city-islands. The King’s Hand, the Governor of the Seven Seas, is the most dominant figure and he loves to enforce his laws by striking contraband dealing pirates with his fearsome Flying Fortress.

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Edge of humanity

“We never saw it coming. Were we the ones who fired first? He asked himself as if it even mattered. He felt lucky to even be alive, but can you even call this a life? Edge of Humanity, coming soon…

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In Anduine – First City of the West, a cooperative fantasy board game for 1-5 players, you become a member of the Elvish Elder council.

Together, you will build a new city, master challenging Events and defend your fledgling home from vicious Goblin Raids – all while the Warlock lies in wait, plotting to defeat you and destroy the city of Anduine once and for all.

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