Edge of humanity

“We never saw it coming. Were we the ones who fired first? He asked himself as if it even mattered. He felt lucky to even be alive, but can you even call this a life? Edge of Humanity, coming soon…

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In Anduine – First City of the West, a cooperative fantasy board game for 1-5 players, you become a member of the Elvish Elder council.

Together, you will build a new city, master challenging Events and defend your fledgling home from vicious Goblin Raids – all while the Warlock lies in wait, plotting to defeat you and destroy the city of Anduine once and for all.

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In the late 1950s the commercial aviation market entered a golden age, new airliners filled the sky and made the entire globe feel very small.

In Airlines players will start a new airline company and strive to become the most successful one by the end of the game.

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